If you have come here just out of curiosity, we hurry to warn you that looking through some pictures in here can unavoidably end with mysterious syndrom called: mountain craziness - unfortunately incurable illness. We have been suffering from it from time immemorial,

ignoring any treatment. What's more, we are proud to share the germs with anybody. We devote all the free time to our passion, ignoring obvious family obligations, which makes our beloved more than crazy... Anyway, if what you find here can prove any practical value for you, we would be more than pleased. Any written comments referring our site are warmly welcomed. Unfortunately, we have nothing to encourage you, as the pocket labeled: mountains spendings is like ocean without bottom. Neverending flow of mountains plans devours almost entire our personal GNP. If you are still here at the site we wholeheartedly invite you to surf through:)

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